A little bit of everything called life...

A little bit of everything called life....

Juicing couture


This is what I like to call my Apple Tartini. No alcohol involved however ;)
I used apple, lime, watercress and silken tofu for protein. Acne has decided to bless my face so that is where the watercress comes to play! It is a wonderful source of vitamin A for your skin. It is definitely a power food packed with vitamin C, more calcium than milk, zinc, beta carotene and the list goes on! You can use it in salads! So for the recipe here you go:

1 golden delicious apple

1 lime peeled

1/2 inch or thumb print size piece of ginger

1/2 c silken tofu

small handful of watercress


I used the vitamix to make this but if you juice the produce then just put the watercress stuffed inside the apple and/or lime to juice it.  This way you will get the full amount of juice from the watercress. Or you can just blend the tofu and the watercress once you add the juices.
It is a tart drink so if you need to you can sweeten it with a tad of your fave sweetener or add a few strawberries to the blend. Enjoy

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