A little bit of everything called life...

A little bit of everything called life....

Monday, August 27, 2012

One change at a time

Phew made it through Monday! I had some really great questions brought to me today. I love questions so please keep them coming! It can be overwhelming trying to start exercising, juicing, eating gluten free and healthier. My advice to you is make one change at a time.  The goal is for you to make a life change, eat healthier and live better. I know weight loss is a goal and we must lose it but I don't want it to run let alone ruin your life. You have to be happy with what you are doing! If you find yourself eating junk late at night (I am very guilty of this) try to replace it with a cup of hot licorice mint tea. It has a sweet taste and will help with digestion.  Journal why you are eating late and go back and review each day what might have caused the eating.  Sometimes we just have cravings and we just want to eat! Bottom line, everything in moderation and remember the end goal is to live longer, healthier lives.  Be well!

Licorice tea

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